Visily – An AI- Powered Wireframe Tool For Non-Designers, Features, Benefits, Review

Visily is the easiest and most powerful wireframe software that enables teams, regardless of size and skills, to brainstorm and create beautiful app wireframes. Through an intuitive interface, rich UI library, and advanced AI features.

Visily AI is a revolutionary wireframing tool designed to streamline the wireframe creation process. Visily, a tool made exclusively for non-designers, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to offer a simple, straightforward method for producing beautiful app wireframes rapidly and effectively. Users can submit photos of current apps or hand-drawn sketches and have them transformed into fully editable wireframes with just a few clicks. Visily has interactive elements that enable users to connect screens and visualise application flows, making it simpler for them to pitch their ideas to stakeholders.

Visily is a solution for UI designers that enables rapid, simple, and in-the-moment team collaboration. Artificial intelligence (AI) underpins it, making the design process more effective for the designers. With streamlined design elements, quick iterations, and user-friendly features, Visily enables designers to quickly develop their ideas from concept to completion.

Kellie Ankunding

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