To get good software testing tools

Cyber ​​"Black Friday" threats, security breaches, online banking theft, system downtime, and many such nightmares keep businesses around the world sleepless with anxiety.

Ensuring performance with loads of security and enhanced experience is a must for every capable player in this field.
We provide you with a rich list of software testing tools that not only reduce testing effort but also help to bring your software/application to market faster and maintain quality while maintaining speed.
This list covers 100 open source and licensed software test tools. Most of the software test tools listed here offer free trial versions so users can try them out before making a final purchase.
We divide the software test tools in this paper into 4 categories.
1. Web application testing tools
2. Website security testing tools
3. Cross Browser Testing Tools
4. Mobile App Testing Tools
NOTE: Tool ranking is meaningless.
Web Application software test tools
We have listed some key tools for performing performance, load and stress testing on web applications. Guarantee application performance under different conditions and in challenging scenarios.
1. JMeter
This is an open source load software test tools written in Java 6+ and can operate across platforms. Apache has recently released JMeter 'v2.11' supporting all platforms for load testing to analyze and measure system/application performance.
Its powerful GUI helps to build test plans and debug process quickly. It also helps analyze overall performance under various loads on servers and networks.
Official website: JMeter
2. NeoLoad
This is a load and stress software test tools built by Neotys for Windows, Linux and Solaris. It is available in both English and French and its latest version 4.2 helps to measure, analyze and improve the performance of the website.
While running multiple users accessing the website simultaneously, this tool also helps in checking the performance of the website under increased load to ensure the desired user experience. It makes the testing process faster, more efficient, and more repeatable.
Official website: NeoLoad
3. LoadRunner
HP's purpose-built load testing tool for Windows and Linux to efficiently test web and other applications. Multiple languages ​​are available in version 12.0.
This tool helps to evaluate the performance of the tool under heavy load and in situations where it is possible to fool multiple users to visit the website at the same time. In addition, it handles a large number of protocols used for load testing - .NET record/replay, database, DCOM, GUI virtual user, Java record/replay, network, Oracle e-commerce, remote access.
Official website: LoadRunner
4. LoadUI
The latest version of LoadUI provides version 2.7 written in Java, JaveFX and Groovy languages, and supports multiple platforms. It mainly supports web services and SopaUI 5.0 (a functional testing tool).
The latest version has corrected issues that existed in earlier versions of LoadUI. The tool is currently available in a Pro version with a drag-and-drop interface that facilitates testing loads in real-time scenarios.
Official website: LoadUI
This is a commercial load testing tool for testing web applications/services (HTTP web services), simulating the environment to test the performance of the application under a heavy load given by the tool. It supports Linux, Mac and Windows.
It is a feature loader for web applications/services, cookies, sessions, custom headers, etc. It is implemented to test the performance, resilience, stability and scalability of web applications. It simulates multiple users, collects statistics with a network of websites. This helps identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks for eventual management of traffic and crisis situations.
Official website: Loadster
6.Load impact
This is an online load testing tool for testing the performance of websites, web and mobile applications, and APIs under load and across various platforms. Tools are tested online instead of using an offline platform.
While the testing process is quick, users can also easily repeat tests within a short period of time.
Official website: Load impact
7. Wapt
This is a load and stress testing tool that works on Windows and provides an easy and cost-effective way to specifically test business applications websites, mobile websites, web portals, etc. It works in data-driven mode on secure HTTPS websites, dynamic content and RIA applications.
Official website: Wapt
8. Qtest
This is a web load testing tool from Quotium Technologies SA that analyzes applications and supports all Windows platforms. It offers an easy-to-use interface and is available as an OnDemand hosted solution or an OnPremise application.
Official website: Qtest
9. httperf
Web server performance/benchmarking tool from HP Research Labs. Provides flexible facilities for generating various HTTP workloads and measuring server performance. The point is not to implement a specific benchmark, but to provide a robust, performant, scalable tool. Free as source code in C.
Official website: httpperf
10. Telerik
Telerik's test automation tool can test web and desktop applications on all Windows operating systems. Tool to test application functionality, performance and load. Additionally, it provides a plugin for Visual Studio and a separate app for testing cross-browser issues.
Test Studio supports various languages, HTML, AJAX, Silverlight and ASP.NET, and can run tests across browsers.
Official website: Telerik Test Studio

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