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The Surah Falaq, also known asThe Daybreak, is the 113th chapter of the Quran. It is a short surah consisting of only five verses. The title of the chapter is derived from the first word,Falaq, which literally meansdaybreak.

The primary theme of this surah is that of protection from evil. It begins by invoking Allah, the Lord of the Daybreak, to protect the believers from the evil of the night and the day. It then calls on Allah to protect them from the evil of the magic, jinns, and mankind. The surahfalaq ends with a call for protection from the whispering of the Satans and their evil deeds.

Surah Falaq is a source of comfort for many Muslims. It is believed to be the cure for any kind of spiritual, physical, or mental affliction. It is also said to be a defense against the evil eye and all types of harm.

Surah Falaq PDF is one of the most popular Surah in the Quran and is recited by many Muslims on a daily basis. Many also recite it in times of distress and difficulty. It is seen as a source of protection and comfort for many who believe in the power of the words of Allah.

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