Good makeup questions to solve

Makeup Styling FAQs
1. When making a base, how to determine the degree of modification of shadows and highlights?
In general, don't blindly modify shadows and brighten, but deal with it in combination with the actual situation of makeup design.

 When the makeup is heavy, the shadows and highlights are heavier and more coordinated; on the contrary, for a more elegant makeup, the highlights and shadows should be relatively softer to coordinate with the makeup.It is the most most one in common makeup questions.
2. Does heavy makeup make your face look dirty?
Whether the makeup is clean or not is not directly related to the shade of the makeup. The dirty makeup is mainly because the base makeup is not clean enough. In addition to making the base makeup evenly fit when applying the base, whether the base makeup is in place and whether the powder is cleaned up in time will affect the cleanliness of the base makeup.To get daily makeup questions be solved.
3. When drawing eyeliner with water-based eyeliner, how can we achieve a more ideal effect?
Before drawing eyeliner with water-based eyeliner, you can first use lead eyeliner to determine the position and shape of the basic eyeliner, and then draw with water-based eyeliner. This will not only make the line more accurate, but also make the color darker and more solid .To have hard makeup questions to be solved.
4. The model's double eyelids are relatively narrow, what should I do if the makeup is easy to smudge after applying eyeliner?
In this case, you can first use eye shadow to smudge a small area on the eyeliner, then use eyeliner to draw the eyeliner, and finally use transparent loose powder to absorb the oil of the eyeliner, which can increase the durability of the eyeliner. When dealing with eyes with narrow double eyelids, you should try to choose an eyeliner with a small oil content.Good makeup questions should to be solved.
5. What role does white eyeliner play when dealing with makeup?
Drawing the lower eyelid with white eyeliner can visually expand the eyes; drawing on the inner corner of the lower eyelid can make the eye makeup look more clean and three-dimensional; drawing on the back of the eye can also visually widen the eye cleft Width to make eyes appear larger.
6. How to use eyelash curler to create better eyelash curling effect?
When the model's eyes are looking down, the upper eyelids create a curved effect. When using the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, adjust the angle of the eyelash curler according to the position. If you want to curl the eyelashes, you should also pay attention to lifting the eyelash curler when curling the eyelashes to make the eyelashes show a better curl. Use the hot air of the hair dryer to heat the eyelash curler and then curl the eyelashes, which can also make the eyelashes more curled.
7. After pasting the false eyelashes, what is the reason why the glue is always open at the corner of the eye?
Before pasting the false eyelashes, it is necessary to first determine whether the makeup on the subtle positions of the upper eyelids is in place. If the eye position is not fixed enough, it will be easier to glue the false eyelashes on the wet skin with glue.
8. Eyebrows are too dark, how to make them natural and soft?
Eyebrows that are too dark are usually because the eyebrows are too dense. Overlaying the eyebrows will make the eyebrows look too dark and heavy. You can comb and trim them with an eyebrow comb to make them lighter. If the customer has any objections to trimming the eyebrows, you can use a brown eyebrow dye to lighten the eyebrow color.
9. How to determine the color of eyebrows?
There are many standards for choosing the color of eyebrows, which are generally considered in combination with makeup and hair color. For example, if the makeup is soft and beautiful, brown eyebrows are more suitable. Also consider hair color, if it is black hair, it is suitable to paint gray eyebrows; if it is brown or red hair, it is more coordinated to paint brown eyebrows.
10. Is there any good way to make brows softer?
When dealing with eyebrows, you can use eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil to combine with each other, and apply eyebrow powder forward from the position of the eyebrow peak, and the intensity should be soft when it is close to the position of the brow, so that the position of the brow will appear more elegant and soft. In the case of inaccurate writing, drawing eyebrows with eyebrow pencil will appear stiff.

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