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It may be difficult to break this habit, but sometimes you have to tie the children up, give them some chicken nuggets, and then loudly announce: feel the rhythm! Feel the rhythm! Get up, it's time for sledding! As a parent, it is your responsibility to introduce the classics to them


Turning Red
"Becoming Red" is certainly not the last Pixar movie you saw here. But we have to make the instant classic of Domee Shee stand out from this list. Turning Red is a very interesting, embarrassing and creative growth story - it also happens to end with the most epic battle we have ever seen in Pixar jam. If you know, you know.It is an interesting family movie.

The Mighty Ducks
Listen, The Mighty Ducks may be a junk movie. Damn, its restart, Game Changers, may even be better. But Mighty Ducks has the best fighting boy energy. This family movie is the ultimate antidote for these tired Zoomers. Am I right?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Now that Matthew Broderick's classic works will officially get derivative products on Sam and Victor's day off, it's time to introduce Cool King to children. If Ferris Bueller's day off makes your children really want to visit the art museum, they can get bonus points.

For the unsuitable crowd, this is Kidz Bop's version of Please Call Me in Your Name. In addition, this is a sweet family movie about the friendship between two children with different personalities. Very different. When Luca, the boy sea monster, ventured into the world without sea creatures, he found that his body had become a human boy. With the support of his new friend Alberto, who lives bravely on the water, Luca can see a complete world waiting for him in the sunshine of Tuscany.

Finding Nemo
This Disney family movie defines a generation... and a new way to go to Sydney. Follow an anxious clown fish to find his missing son. This film will take you to a unique role full of love (Hello, Dolly!) The journey, and an overwhelming feeling, well, I think I need to call my father more.

The Parent Trap
This is Lindsay Lohan's family movie debut, playing long lost twins who meet at summer camp and decide to reunite their families. Yes, it may be a remake of the 1961 classic film, but after watching it, you may just want to learn fencing... or you may just want to improve the ultimate camp prank introduced here.

Mary Poppins
This may set high standards for nannies. Mary Poppins told the fantastic story of a magic nanny who arrived through a floating umbrella. It was a musical adventure, which was as easy to satisfy everyone as a spoonful of sugar.

If Carrie had a happy ending in a parallel universe, it would be Mathilda. Matilda Wormwood is a young girl full of curiosity. She is rejected and excluded by her devoted parents and the school authorities. That is, until Mathilda discovered that she had telepathy. It sounds as interesting as the adaptation of British children's books directed by Danny DeVito.

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