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Audio is one of the most innovative areas of SODLK. It provides practical solutions to let you enjoy wonderful sounds during your journey. Let you enjoy the beauty of music in your daily travel.

In addition to being officially announced, SODLK also provides portable Bluetooth speakers that are not satisfied with the sound of single-driver speakers and are looking for a more physical feeling but do not give up portability so that you can carry them comfortably in your backpack.


If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with high-end sound quality and an affordable price to make the beach and swimming pool in summer full of vitality, see what SODLK tells you.


Obviously, one of the first tasks of SODLK in designing this speaker is to provide off-road design, so that it can easily withstand the harsh environment of outdoor use.


SODLKsrs-xb23 adopts a tubular design based on solid and high-quality materials. The chassis of the speaker is made of high-strength polycarbonate, which can protect the internal parts from the small impacts of daily use.


Although everything seems to be arranged so that the SODLK is kept in an upright position, as shown by the opening, allowing sound to be emitted from the lower passive radiator, the SODLK speaker can also be placed horizontally,


In any case, we like to find some small feet or rubber inserts at the end to prevent it from rolling when it is placed horizontally on a flat surface.

The central part of the speaker is protected by a very wear-resistant acoustic fabric, which complies with ipx5 certification, and can be dustproof even in salt water and soaked for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.


The whole center body is occupied by a pair of full-range speakers, which project sound to the front. The control button and anchor are very useful tethers, allowing us to hang the speakers on the backpack on the tree or put them high.


The button is protected by silicone coating. You can turn on the wireless Bluetooth speakers, pair them with other devices, adjust the volume, or change the battery consumption mode directly from the speakers.


In addition, each function contains status indicators that provide additional information about its use. Just below, we found the silicone cover that protects the USB C charging port and the reset button.


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