Does personal vehicle gps tracker need a calling card? What's the difference with a flow card?

personal vehicle gps tracker

Personal vehicle gps tracker cannot be used as soon as you get it. Many people do not understand this question. Only by adding a SIM card to provide traffic, can the transmission of positioning data be realized.

What type of SIM card can the personal vehicle gps tracker be used for?

Usually, either the IoT card or the mobile phone SIM card can add the SIM card type of the locator application. To equip the locator with an exclusive SIM card, you can go to the operator's business outlet to apply for it, or you can buy it directly from the locator merchant, because often the locator company will sell the SIM card associated with the locator.

Some people may have doubts. The personal vehicle gps tracker I bought needs to be applied abroad. Can I use foreign cards? Some companies will be involved in overseas sales, so they will produce locators that meet foreign market standards and can be applied by foreign users. This kind of personal vehicle gps tracker can use foreign cards.

As mentioned above, the role of the card is to provide traffic. As long as the wild card has the traffic function, it can naturally be used on the locator. Users only need to log in to the corresponding positioning service platform to find the vehicle positioning data collected by the locator on the platform.

However, the most important thing is that no matter whether the personal vehicle gps tracker is applied with a domestic card or a foreign card, the user must recharge in time to avoid the tracker being offline due to the overdue payment and the inability to use the tracker.

With the emergence of IoT cards, the current personal vehicle gps tracker basically uses IoT cards. Because the IoT card was launched in response to the country's call to reduce the tariff of data packages.

personal vehicle gps tracker


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