A Robust Uber Clone App Solution for Your Taxi Startup!

Launch your taxi app with a robust Uber clone solution. It is a customizable, scalable, and cost-effective solution for startups.

Taxi apps become so popular in recent years. Because people are looking for modern transportation solutions to get around. Uber is one of the well-known taxi booking apps that connects riders with drivers to provide a seamless riding experience. It is a proven business model among startups who want to enter the taxi industry.


What is the Uber clone app?


Uber clone app is developed for startups who want to launch a taxi app cost-effectively. If you looking to develop a taxi app with MVP features then Uber clone script is the perfect solution for you. 


There are many companies that offer an Uber clone app that is the white-label version of the Uber app. Choosing the right one is the crucial step for your app development process. I will cover that in the later part of this article.


What will you get in an Uber clone solution?


Rider app


Users (Riders) can book/schedule taxi services.


Driver app


Drivers can manage their ride earnings on the platform through the app.

Admin panel


Platform owners can manage riders, drivers, and other operations.


Core features of Uber clone to include in your app


When developing an app, core features you need to include it. This feature offers a user-friendly experience for both riders and drivers.


User app




Users register the app with their email or mobile number to use the service.


Schedule/book ride


Users book or schedule rides at their preferred time and date.


In-app payment


The users pay for the ride directly from the available payment methods on the app.


Real-time tracking


Live tracking helps users track drivers' current location and route.


In-app chat


Users can communicate with the drivers directly through the app.


Ratings and review


Users can provide ratings and reviews to the driver after the completion of their ride.

Driver app




Drivers easily register and create their profile by using email, mobile number, etc.


Availability Status


It helps drivers to manage their online/offline mode on the platform.


Dynamic routing


With this drivers can easily access the short route to drop off the riders.


Earnings report


Drivers can view their weekly and total earnings.


Toll fee


Drivers can add a toll fee (if any) to the ride fare.

Admin panel




The admin can view the total number of riders, drivers, and earnings on the dashboard.


Ride management


Admin can manage completed, scheduled, and canceled rides on the platform.


Manage ride fare


Admin can set and manage the ride fare for vehicles in specific 



Auto payout


This feature enables the admin to transfer the payment to drivers after the successful ride.


Currency management


Admin can manage the platform currency by activating or disabling other currencies.




It helps to switch over the preferred language on the platform.


Why Uber clone script for your taxi startup?




Developing a taxi app from scratch is more expensive than using an Uber clone. So, it's a budget-friendly solution for startups.


Speed to market


It is a pre-built script. So you can launch your taxi app within a few weeks.




Uber clone script is customizable, you can add/remove features easily.


The cost of Uber clone app development


A custom Uber clone app development costs approximately $50,000 and $80,000. 


On the other hand, The cost of purchasing a ready-made Uber clone is approximately $5000 to $15000. It depends on your app's complexity and customization.


Keep in mind the above-mentioned costs for custom and ready-made solutions are only estimations, not real values.


Final words


In today's competitive taxi industry, need to to develop a taxi app for a successful business. A robust Uber clone app solution helps with that. Also, It is a cost-effective and efficient way to launch and manage your taxi startup.

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