Six Path of Exile events sounded in 2021

Grinding Gear Games announced a large number of Path of Exile activities to put an end to 2021.

Grinding Gear Games announced a large number of Path of Exile activities to put an end to 2021. Path of Exile players will officially take part in the most popular features with excitement. They can also buy POE Currency to better enjoy this feast.

Endless Delve is one of them. Players will explore the azurite ore in depth. Unlike the regular Path of Exile gameplay, players do not need to fight here, but have a brand new upgrade experience in the dark range of the mine.

The Gauntlet event will return. But this time the monsters are much stronger than usual, and players will compete by earning points by killing bosses and achieving goals. Even for the most skilled Path of Exile players, this arduous mode is a challenge.

Endless Heist is a brand-new mode in which players will skip the battle completely and make special upgrades through adventurous looting. Players must hire skilled thieves to sneak into the facility, evade the guards’ discovery, and sprint crazily with the cargo. If the player dies in a robbery, they will lose POE Currency and other loot.

Atlas Invasion means that players will encounter map bosses in every area of Wraeclast. These powerful enemies will be discovered throughout the campaign and pose additional challenges to those who dare to challenge them. In order to improve survivability, players may wish to Buy POE Currency to get related bonus items.

What players look forward to most is Royale returns. Players will fight each other in a shrinking area as they seek to be the only winner of the game. However, there is a problem! Once the remaining players reach the center of the island, they must also contend with Brutus, who does not favor any side and tries to destroy anyone who approaches.

This is the last carnival in 2021. Players can seize this opportunity to buy POE Currency to get their last victory.


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