What are the profitable ways to get Lost Ark Gold?

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO, which means it has its own set of different in-game currencies.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO, which means it has its own set of different in-game currencies. Some are primarily earned through in-game actions, while others are premium currencies that players pay with real money. Lost Ark Gold is somewhere in between.

We primarily used Lost Ark Gold as a currency for transactions between players, but we also use it in some of the game’s gear upgrade systems. It is one of seven currencies that are currently shared among all characters on a player’s account and is not tied to a specific Lost Ark server. It’s also much rarer than the main free-to-play currency, silver.

When players trade Lost Ark Gold among themselves, they pay taxes. The same is true when buying or selling items on the in-game auction house, usually paying Gold. Lost Ark Gold can also decorate the player’s private residence, and can even be converted into premium currencies such as blue crystals.

How to farm Lost Ark Gold?

Considering the importance of Lost Ark Gold for late game upgrades, many players will wonder how to get it. The easiest way to do this is buying crystals with real money and exchanging them for gold, but assuming players want to try something else, they can keep reading:

Merchants – some limited items sold by merchants are sought after on the auction house, so you can buy them and flip them to earn a lot.
Crafting items – as in most MMOs, selling player-crafted items can also be a good source of income
Raids and Dungeons – some Chaos Dungeons have secret rooms where you can find gold, and they can also sell any valuable loot in the auction house. Guardian raids will also give you gold when you complete the mission for the first time.
Rapport – building rapport for any NPCs nets you one-off gold rewards of varying amounts.
Gateway maps – connected to co-op Voyage Missions, completing a gateway map for a gateway comes with gold rewards.
Adventure islands – these are daily adventures you can embark on. You can get gold relative to your item level, although not all adventure islands have gold rewards.

Please note that for any plans involving auction houses or C2C transactions, players will need an initial gold reserve to cover listing fees/taxes.

The last one could also be lucrative, namely Una quests. These daily and weekly tasks provide players with points that they can then convert into tokens. If they can save enough tokens, they can buy items that can bring themselves varying amounts of gold.
80 Una tokens gets you a Gold Pouch, worth at least 200 gold
200 Una tokens gets you a Gold Chest, worth at least 600 gold
500 Una tokens gets you a Gold Casket, worth at least 1,250 gold

Besides these, the various tiers all come with a chance to drop light and heavy Gold Plates, and even a Gold Bar, worth even more gold. To sum up, players can still earn a lot of Lost Ark Gold, but if one day they don’t want to work hard, they can also choose to buy Lost Ark Gold/Boosting on IGGM to help their characters grow rapidly.


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