Sonix – An AI-Powered Audio and Video Transcription Software, Overview, Features, Pricing, Review

Sonix leverages the latest in artificial intelligence to automatically transcribe, translate, and summarize audio and video in over 40 languages.

Sonix is a video and audio transcription tool that gives companies the ability to transcribe, catalogue, and search video and audio files. For sectors that require speedy and stress-free transcribing services, the completely automated software can transcribe 30 minutes of audio or video in roughly 3–4 minutes.

Sonix provides tools for reviewing and editing transcripts because automated transcripts are not always accurate. These tools include an online editor that lets users polish a transcript while listening to the audio and word confidence levels that highlight words that may need additional review because of low confidence during the transcription process. The user can also underline and mark key passages in the transcript to discover them fast in the future.

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