Tidio – A Live Chat Platform, Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons, Review

Tidio is a powerful, all-in-one customer service platform that levels up your customer support and helps to generate more sales. An easily accessible live chat widget makes your business available 24/7, while AI-powered chatbots engage your customers in real-time, so you can sell more. Cur

Tidio was founded by Titus Gołas and Martin Wiktor in 2013. Tidio is utilised on more than 300,000 websites today. The company has other offices in London and San Francisco in addition to its current headquarters in Szczecin, Poland. Tidio provides a live chat feature, an unlimited number of chatbots with customisable processes, email marketing capabilities, and simple site reporting when all the plans are combined.

Tidio has developed connections with a number of the most well-liked software programmes. This includes Zapier, which enables users to connect to tens of thousands of additional software programmes. Tidio is an affordable live chat solution. It offers three products for $10-$18 each, and you only need to pay for the products you want to purchase. In addition, Tidio has an entirely free plan, which is ideal for small businesses looking for live chat features. This pricing model provides a great deal of freedom for Tidio customers.

Tidio is an easy-to-use piece of software overall. Though the chat notifications are unreliable, which could negatively affect the calibre of customer support, we advise using caution. Tidio is the best alternative for tiny organisations seeking for a plain live chat application due to its adaptable pricing options and simple appearance. We advise choosing Drift or Intercom if you’re a big organisation looking for a more potent lead generation platform.

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