Paradox – An AI Powered Conversational ATS, Features, Pros and Cons, Review

Paradox is ideal for large enterprises that deal with a high volume of job candidates on a frequent basis.

The creator and CEO of Paradox, Aaron Matos, is passionate about the way people and technology can coexist, and he has long recognised the potential of computers. After finishing his undergraduate human resources degree, he worked as an HR professional for more than eight years before starting a number of businesses in the HR IT sector.

Aaron recognised a chance to change the recruiting process for businesses by employing artificial intelligence to free up people’s time on menial duties. The AI assistant Olivia, which was named after Aaron’s wife, is what Paradox is best known for (then-girlfriend). The Paradox team intended to build an assistant with personality since they think that the hiring process is a human experience. The name ‘Paradox’ is also a play on the paradoxical concept of an AI having a personality. 

Martine Schmidt

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