Eightfold – An AI Powered Talent Intelligence Platform, Benefits, Features, Pros and Cons, Review

Eightfold was founded by Ashutosh Garg and Varun Kacholia, with the goal of solving employment issues and matching people with jobs that are a good fit for them. The team consists of experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence, search, personalization, and enterprise solutions –

An all-encompassing talent intelligence tool called Eightfold helps employers find, keep, and expand a diverse workforce. It gives you a complete picture of every applicant and position within your company, enabling you to decide who to employ, keep, or promote.

It comes with a set of tools for recruiting people, including a career site powered by AI, which helps businesses find fresh talent, filter applicants, and fill positions more quickly. According on a candidate’s abilities and potential, companies are paired with them. Businesses can also get in touch with individuals who were matched to opportunities, explain to them why they were matched, and ask them to apply for their employment by completing a short form.

In addition, Eightfold gives recruiters access to genuine corporate data that has been gathered and enriched from many sources to instantly produce a pipeline of qualified prospects for every position they are hiring for. With the help of millions of profiles from around the world, the platform’s deep learning capabilities further analyse talent pools to present the finest matches. In order to avoid prejudice, candidates are evaluated and graded according to their experience, talents, and potential while keeping their personal information secret.

The platform offered by Eightfold is more than just a means of hiring. Its career portal encourages fruitful, continuing dialogues about climbing the corporate ladder and assists you in putting some emphasis on skill development to connect your teams with business goals.

Eightfold also includes tools to manage and engage your new and existing recruits once you’ve secured talented staff members. By utilising development programmes that complement their professions, such as projects, classes, mentors, positions, and more, you can provide employees with individualised career plans based on their interests and ambitions.

Also, Eightfold provides a “Talent Flex” function that facilitates communication between recruiters and contractors. To access the specifics of the job request, recruiters can interface their VMS (vendor management system) with Eightfold’s Talent Flex. Recruiters get immediate access to every lead from a single AI-based dashboard, allowing them to examine the full recruitment pipeline, including both current candidates and former employees. In order to remove the element of guesswork and empower the recruiter to make wise judgements, the deep learning AI assesses each prospect and rates them according to experience, abilities, and potential.

Filters can be used by recruiters to find prospects based on availability and wage range. Companies may use the platform to redistribute contingent workers or hire them on a full-time basis, and they can keep track of who they have spoken to and who they are moving on to the next phase.

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