Smart Copy (by Unbounce) Review: A Complete Guide To This AI Tool, Features, Pricing and More

Smart Copy allows you to leverage AI technology to instantly create stunning copies for various purposes without the hassle of hiring writers or manually writing yourself.

Simply said, Smart Copy (formerly known as is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing helper that manages your copywriting responsibilities and creates high-quality material using machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the context you provide, the programme constructs a complete content structure and adds a body to it. Everything happens extremely quickly, so after submitting the content brief, you might have the needed content within minutes.

Built-in templates in Smart Copy are enhanced and can be used to your advantage. Whether it’s the tagline for your company or the copy on your website’s landing page, Smart Copy will always provide content that appeals to your target market. The fact that this application offers a freemium plan is its strongest feature. You have access to all the premium plan features with this package. But, there is a five credit cap on each day. You must upgrade to the premium plan if you wish to create an endless amount of material.

Thora Casper

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