Coinbase wallet: The Future of crypto assets

Users of Coinbase may store, purchase, sell, send, and receive cryptocurrency using the Coinbase Wallet instead of the Coinbase exchange. In this regard, Coinbase differs from a wallet as it is the platform where you may trade cryptocurrencies directly.

What exactly is a Coinbase Wallet? Well! If you are not familiar, there is nothing to worry about. It is because this read is carefully crafted to entirely define the Coinbase wallet, its functionalities, and the process to begin its usage.

But before that, you should be aware that the Coinbase exchange is not the same as the wallet. If you want to know, why? Just follow the read and you will get the answer to your query in a few minutes.

So, firstly, let me be precise about Coinbase wallet. Users of Coinbase may store, purchase, sell, send, and receive cryptocurrency using the Coinbase Wallet instead of the Coinbase exchange. In this regard, Coinbase differs from a wallet as it is the platform where you may trade cryptocurrencies directly.

The Coinbase Wallet is like any other hot wallet used to safely store crypto assets in well-encrypted software.


Key features of coinbase wallet :

  • Store all of your crypto assets and NFTs on one platform.

  • Support for a huge number of apps and tokens.

  • Using it you can explore the decentralized web.

  • Secure your digital assets with market-leading protection.

  • Availability for both PC as a Chrome extension and mobile users as an app.

  • State-of-art security facets such as two-factor authentication.

Now, you have enough information about the Coinbase wallet. After this, probably you will be thinking about opting for its services and would be wondering about the process to proceed. 

There is nothing to worry about because here I am with complete guidance to aid you in beginning your journey with Coinbase wallet. We will start it off by discussing the procedure to download the Coinbase wallet extension and Coinbase wallet app. 

Have a look at downloading process of the Coinbase pockets computing device

If you are a desktop user and want to use the Coinbase wallet to safeguard your assets, you can initiate your journey by following these instructions.

  1. Open the https://www.coinbase .com/wallet and look for the “Download” button.

  2. Now, click on it and it will give you options.

  3. Pick up “Download for Chrome” and it will land you on the extension downloading page.

  4. You will see Coinbase wallet Extension there, click “Add to Chrome”.

  5. Choose the “Add Extension” located at the appeared pop-up.

It will initiate the downloading of the Coinbase Extension on your device which you can use further after the completion of installation. 

If you are bewildered- Is Coinbase wallet Firefox available? Let me tell you that Coinbase doesn’t provide any such facility yet, only Google Chrome is supported by this wallet.

Steps to undergo for downloading the Coinbase wallet app

Puzzled about how to download Coinbase wallet free on Mobile? Get started by referring to the next section of this read.

  1. First of all, go to the Play Store if you are using android and visit App Store if you are using iOS.

  2. Now, look for the Coinbase wallet by typing the name in the search bar.

  3. Click on Coinbase wallet and then select “Install” or “Get” for Android and iOS respectively.

The process of downloading will begin just after it and you can see the application on your device now. Well! This is not enough to begin the process of using it. So, to know what you should do next, you have to follow this read.

How can you set up your Coinbase wallet?

if you are using a mobile device or a PC, Below are the steps to perform the Coinbase sign-up.

  1. After downloading the Coinbase wallet as a browser extension or mobile application, launch it on your device.

    • Further process of wallet setup will be the same for both the app and extension.

  2. Next, hit the button labeled “Create new wallet” to proceed further.

  3. After this, you will be asked to create a username (using this you can log in and users can send you funds).

  4. Enter an easy-to-remember username but make sure that it should be unique.

    • You can allow Coinbase to provide you with a few suggestions for your username, you can pick an apt one from there. 

  5. Now, hit “Submit” to proceed.

  6. Thenceforth, you will see a 12-word recovery phrase, keep the backup of it at any secure place.

  7. Select “Continue” and verify your secured seed phrase by selecting its first and last words.

  8. Click “submit” and then you will be asked to create a password to secure your wallet.

  9. Enter your preferred “Hard- to- decrypt” password and enter it twice to confirm.

  10. Assent to the terms and Privacy policy by checking the box and then pressing the “Submit” button.

Kudos! Your Coinbase wallet is all set to use. Now login to your wallet account and avail yourself of all the benefits of Coinbase wallet.

Do you know, How to perform a Coinbase wallet login? No worries, if you don’t because you will get to know the entire process within a minute. Come along with me.

How to login into your Coinbase wallet account?

  1. To get going, visit the Coinbase wallet login page.

  2. Provide the username and password in the designated field.

  3. Tap the "Login" button to access all of the wallet's features.


How to find your Coinbase wallet address?

  1. Go to the Home tab after launching the app.

  2. To view a list of available coins, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap “Assets”.

  3. Select the currency you want to get.

  4. Now, it will display a wallet address and a QR code.

  5. The sender can scan the QR code to begin an exchange. Or you may click "Copy" or "Send address" to send them the information.

Note: You'll likely see many addresses and it’s because Coinbase often creates a new key for each transaction.

What does the operational fame of the Coinbase wallet show?

 Whenever you feel like your Coinbase wallet not working properly, you can check the status by navigating to the status page of Coinbase if it is operational or showing a partial outage or something else. Probably, you will get the information, if there is any temporary issue occurring. Else, you can clear the clutter by following these tips.
  • Check internet connectivity.

  • Make sure you have speedy internet.

  • Verify that the status is green and “Operational”.

  • Update the app and your device.

  • Reinstall the application.

  • Get assistance from Coinbase wallet support 

In End

To sum up, the Coinbase wallet is a perfect choice if you want to explore the decentralized world or want to store your purchased assets in any encrypted hard wallet. As you understand with its name that it is associated with the Coinbase exchange, the additional advantage is, you can add your Coinbase account with the wallet to access your assets. 

I’ve elucidated all the possible aspects of the Coinbase wallet from its perks to its usage and fixes for errors. Hopefully, after going through this read, you can begin your journey with this wallet easily and can enhance your crypto trading experience.


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