How to Sell the First 50 Copies of your New Book

Writing a book is challenging. Hard effort may be required for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. However, writing a book is a piece of cake in comparison to actually selling it.

Writing a book is challenging. Hard effort may be required for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. However, writing a book is a piece of cake in comparison to actually selling it. In addition, Trenzle can assist you in writing your new book. But once you’re ready to publish, how do you sell your first 50 copies?

Write Well

A good piece of writing can vary. Your personal taste may be adored by one individual and despised by another. But strong writing is necessary if you want to sell books. That should be obvious. You need to first write an amazing story if you want to sell copies of your book.

How will you know whether your writing is good enough?

The simplest (but not cheapest) option is to employ an editor to check your work. Additionally, you might look for some beta readers. Although beta readers won’t likely catch every spelling and punctuation mistake, they can help you decide whether your work is enjoyable to read. Before sending your work to a beta reader or editor, you should of course take the time to revise it yourself.

Build a Following Early On

There are many diverse book marketing tactics. Many well-known authors assert that developing a fan base early on helped them sell many volumes. You must therefore publish frequently and early. It doesn’t really matter if you excerpt your book and post it on your blog or another platform.

People will want to know what happens next if the story is good. That implies that they’ll return to read your subsequent chapter. Of course, it’s possible that you’ve already completed your book, so it’s a little late to implement this suggestion. Not to worry. For you, there is still hope.

Give Books Away

Giving away books may seem unproductive, but doing so can be advantageous for you. Who ought to receive gratis copies of your book?

1. Friends And Family Members: Request that they read the book and recommend it to others. Since they had to put up with you creating the book, they absolutely deserve a complimentary copy. They’ll be thrilled to show off your work and will be incredibly proud of you.

2. Beta Readers And Reviewers: Ask them to read it, spread the word about it, and—most importantly—write an online review of it for you. Finding beta readers and potential reviewers should be done as soon as possible. Your best fans may be your beta readers. They’ll provide you feedback once you publish and assist you in improving the story’s shortcomings. They shouldn’t also be required to purchase the book.

3. Book Bloggers: They can reach a larger audience than you can and will review your book. Just be sure to deliver it to the appropriate recipients. Don’t try contacting someone who evaluates Fantasy books; they won’t be interested in your romance book.

Giving away books might soon become pricey. The good news is that the majority of individuals are content with a free eBook copy. However, given how simple it is to convert your paper into a Kindle or ePub edition, you should make sure you give them the format they want. And while creating a PDF is even easier, this format looks terrible on small screens.

Get Those Reviews

Simply said, customers don’t like to purchase unreviewed books. Although it won’t ensure that you sell many books, having many reviews will definitely boost your chances. The ranking mechanism for books is intricate. Both the quantity of books sold and the volume of favourable book reviews are included. Obviously, you require both, but beginning someplace is helpful.

Give Your First Book Away For Free

There are many fiction authors. However, there are fewer fiction writers who have written numerous books. Continue writing books is one of the best strategies to gain devoted fans. And you might want to think about offering one of your books for free in order to draw in a new reader. Consider giving away the first book in your trilogy as an illustration. Your clients will purchase the second and third books if they are written well. However, this approach might also be effective with other standalone works.

Giving away books for free has the wonderful benefit of still allowing you to rise in the online bookstore’s rankings thanks to your free readers. You might also benefit from one or more reviews. Most significantly though, it gives readers a risk-free chance to decide whether or not your works are worth their time.

Create a Website

Okay, you’re a novelist, not a web developer. You still require a website, though. A website provides readers with additional details about you, your books, and the benefits of reading them. It ought to be the starting point for travel. After that, you can decide what to do with those visitors.

Some advise building an email list and inviting people to subscribe. Others claim that email lists are no longer relevant. And how many emails do you actually read these days, when you stop to think about it? However, you’ll read the material you find on a website if you’re looking for something. A website is thus essential. Additionally, it ought to appear good.

Spend Time On Your Book’s Cover

Although it’s never a good idea to judge a book by its cover, readers always do. Your cover must therefore be outstanding and catch their eye. Spending time and money on your cover art is a fantastic idea. If design work is not your expertise (and it probably isn’t given that you’re a writer), you can engage a freelancer to complete the task for you. However, it is unquestionably wise to invest in high-quality pictures. Make sure the book’s and the internet’s cover both look decent.

Write a Lot

Nobody can use a website that is completely empty. Consequently, you’ll need to create a tonne of content for it. You ought to inform your fans of your progress and keep it updated. And no, that doesn’t imply that you have to discuss your breakfast. You can, however, share your experience. What’s the next step for your heroine? If you write nonfiction, your website should be filled with details about your subject as that is how readers will find you.

Write a Killer Book Description

Your book’s description is the hook if your cover is the lure that draws readers in. It also includes a hook, which is not a coincidence. Your book’s blurb or description needs to promote the book. A potential reader will read or quickly scan your blurb once they are on your book sales page. It must pique their curiosity and maintain it throughout. If not, they will reject your book and continue looking.

Measure Your Success

Some of the book marketing strategies in this article are sound, but not all of them will be effective for every author. It is crucial to measure what works for this reason. If offering your book for free hurts your sales and doesn’t do much to improve your rank, perhaps that isn’t the best course of action for you.

You don’t need to persuade your beta readers to accept a free eBook if they are enthusiastic about purchasing your hardback book. Maybe you don’t want to do anything to advertise your book if you only want to publish one book and don’t care about building a sizable fanbase.

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