D2R Ladder is being targeted for review on many websites

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D2R Ladder has been banned from nations like The Netherlands and D2R Items Belgium because of the monetization choices that makes it comparable to loot boxes. The loot one gets is not specifically purchased and chosen and is rather random in nature. Similar to that, Diablo fans on Reddit are now asking for D2R Ladder to be banned from all Diablo-related Subreddits to communicate a clear message to Blizzard in addition to protecting new players from predatory monetization practices.

A Redditor identified as Al3xqcs posted a post two days ago proposing the idea of removing D2R Ladder. now dubbed "Diablo Immoral" by the community, from the Subreddit. This post has received plenty of attention and is now being viewed by more than 20K people and several awards, with the majority of players agreeing it is a smart idea to prevent Diablo D2R Ladder from gaining overly popular status within the community, as it could easily take in people with gambling issues.

Because of the exact same factors, D2R Ladder is being targeted for review on many websites frustrated players trying to raise awareness on the monetization issues. Many are also doing this to help raise people scared of the possibility that D2R Ladder might incur the same economic issues both internally and outwardly, which could result in the franchise being ruined in the eyes of players who have played for a long time. Diablo 3 also set a precedent in this regard with the auction house with real money this is why people are concerned the idea that D2R Ladder is but a step towards.

Activision Blizzard released D2R Ladder just a few days ago, and it's already in the midst of controversy and review bombing because of its microtransactions exceeding what many gamers will pay. But there was a case where a D2R Ladder fan that was happy with the microtransactions, paid money to establish an Clan and was later exiled Best place to buy D2R items from the Clan after making a small error.

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