Technological progress of tfo machine china

tfo machine china

With the continuous development of science and technology, tfo machine china has also developed with the continuous improvement of technology. Compared with the traditional one, what advantages does it have?

1. The main program interface displays the process and production process with an intuitive screen, and dynamically displays the changes of various parameters. Moreover, after technical changes in my country, in view of the inconvenient operation of the original English interface of the original system, Chinese menus and Chinese operations are adopted by Chinese workers. prompt information.

And very detailed, the main menu includes running menu, twisting program menu, winding program menu, monitoring machine menu, automatic diagnosis menu and so on.

2. The original twisting and winding programs can be viewed and modified in the twisting program menu and winding program menu. At the same time, the function of compiling new varieties of yarns is provided. In the input interface, follow the screen prompts and input the operating parameters of the new process according to the production requirements, and save them on the hard disk after completion for subsequent spinning. Select the desired twisting program in the running menu and input the corresponding process parameters to start the working program.

3. In the monitoring program, the system collects and processes the field status data in real time, and displays the given speed, current speed of each motor, current position of the ring plate, section liter, current number of liters, and the current running speed of the ring plate on the screen synchronously. position and lower position, etc. All data are transmitted to the data server in real time, and the machine only retains recent data.

4. The automatic diagnosis function detects and displays the working status of all I/O ports, the D/A value of a given motor, etc., which is convenient for machine maintenance.

5. Protection alarm function, the program makes interrupt calls for power failure and motor abnormality, so as to deal with it in time.

tfo machine china


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