What is the difference between plastic socket box mould and ordinary switches?

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Switch purchase first look at the appearance. The panels of switches and sockets should be made of high-grade plastic products, which look uniform and have a smooth and textured surface. High-quality PC material has flame retardancy, insulation and impact resistance, and the material is stable and not easy to change color. It not only reflects the safety function, but also beautifies the home. Second, open the panel and you can see the internal structure of the switch and socket. As far as switches are concerned, sterling silver contacts and conductive sheets made of silver-copper composite materials should usually be used to prevent oxidation caused by arcing during opening and closing.

Plastic socket box mould is different from ordinary switches. It is a flat switch panel. Clicking the switch button is like clicking a mouse. It is dust-proof and durable. It is very high-end when installed at home. The safety cover of the socket is essential. When you choose a socket, you must choose a product with a safety cover. To prevent children from accidentally poking into them and causing electric shock accidents; secondly, it is also a key factor to check the tightness of the socket clips and the stable insertion force.

The structure of the socket clip can be selected, and the strong extrusion method is adopted, which greatly enhances the cooperation between the clip and the plug, and can also eliminate the worry of long-term use of heat. the occurrence of a power outage accident. It is also best to go to a regular store with regular purchase channels to buy branded products, so as to avoid buying fake and inferior products by mistake, burying unsafe hidden dangers, so as to ensure the safety of electricity for you and your family.

plastic socket box mould https://www.tangrammould.com/Smart-Switch-Socket-Box-Mould.html


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