Kick The Buddy MOD APK Download Unlocked all Weapons

"Kick The Buddy" MOD is an action and fun game in which you hit an animal and release all your anger and relax. Take out the doll with weapons like rockets, rifles and nuclear weapons, grenades, and many more.

kick the Buddy MOD Apk is an updated and improved version of the renowned game for smartphones called kick the buddy mod app. It is accessible on your Android smartphone or tablet. The game can assist you in learning the basics of kickboxing as well as provide you with an effective workout while doing it.

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It's a completely new and upgraded version of the loved game for mobile phones known as the Kick the Buddy Mod app. This version has been updated and features different and brand-new levels, more challenging obstacles, and a brand new boss fight. It is available on your Android smartphone or tablet. The game will teach you the basics of kickboxing and will also help you get exercise while you're doing it.


Kick The Buddy MOD APK is a well-known game for mobile and has been played for a number of years. Recently the developers of the game took the decision to revamp the game and release it with MOD. Mods enable players to earn coins which can later be used to purchase things at the online shop. Are you certain you are 100% sure that Kick The Buddy is a fraud?

Achievements Missions in Kick The Buddy MOD APK

Completing more achievements and tasks to earn extra rewards and rewards like gems, coins, cash, and many more. You can also you can win free spins daily at the machines.

"Kick The Buddy MOD Apk is an enhanced and updated version of the popular game on smartphones, kick the Buddy mod Apk. The players can now play on their own or with others by selecting from a vast selection of cooperative and competitive modes.

Kick The Buddy The MOD APK game is making an appearance on both the App Store as well as Google Play! The updated version of the game features new visuals, sound effects, and gameplay. Players can now play the game with or without by playing with their friends with a variety of cooperative and competitive modes. Furthermore, it's available to download for no cost If you're a fan of arcade gaming You'll be delighted by Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD.

Features of Kick the Buddy MOD APK


The incredible features of Kick and Buddy Remastered, allow you to express your frustrations with the mannequins with your imagination rather than slamming objects.


When you play the game you'll show your anger towards the bear Buddy through several torturings. It still moves when you beat the bear. It is possible to do whatever you like to manage your anger without retaliating, or capable of self-defense.


The gameplay isn't simply simple, but kick The Buddy Remastered has stunning graphics that can help you lower stress levels effectively. The game's objects are designed to be real and sharp so that players can completely become absorbed in the game and enjoy an experience that's more natural as they play. The dummy's facial expressions can be clearly seen when they're normal and also when they are being severely punished.


The HTML0 kick The Buddy MOD APK is an excellent way to add some entertainment and thrills to games. This game is ideal for teenagers as well as kids and adults of all ages.

The app is very simple to use, making it a great choice for players at different levels.

Its graphics look amazing and the audio effects are excellent. If you're seeking a fun new game, give this to try.

This game was created to allow players to express their anger by playing fun at silly dummies and vulgar people. In the new version, you'll no longer have to worry about anxiety due to the inclusion to the game's new functions.

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