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Andrea and Bill’s rose garden wedding in the historic Marcy Casino in Buffalo, NY is filled with fun and celebration. No doubt an ideal blend of Andrea and Bill’s personalities, we can’t get an adequate amount of how playful, yet elegant it's! But what got us may be the look of absolute adoration on Bill’s face without anyone's knowledge while Andrea gets her portrait photos taken.

A-line Knee-Length Tulle Lace Wedding Dress With Crystal Waistband Embroidery

Looking back, while I couldn't know it at the time, how Bill helped me feel whenever we first started chilling out was a sign that we would spend the remainder of our lives together. I had never felt so comfortable around someone whom I had just met, fully in a position to be myself. I felt safe and protected. No one else had ever helped me feel that way, so I knew he was special.

One of my favorite memories may be the day I returned from studying abroad for any semester in Madrid. Bill had explained that he would not be able to arrive to see me before the week after I returned because of travel and I was disappointed. When I landed at the airport and greeted my loved ones, I felt someone show up behind me and set their hands over my eyes. I immediately knew it had been Bill and I melted to the floor, so excited to become seeing him after working 5 months apart. Everyone, including my loved ones, is emotional and thrilled that people were all in a position to spend time together that week. boho wedding dress.

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