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HypeBunch connects Authors, Freelancers and Readers around the world.

Advanced Profiles

Readers, Authors and Creators have customized profile looks to better showcase their work, talent and achievements.

ARCs Arena

Subscribe or register for latest ARCs from both top and upcoming Authors around the world based on your favorite genre.


A virtual convention centre where Authors and Readers participate. Interact 1-on-1 with Authors and Readers, and get virtual signed copies!

Curated Content

Our Advanced AI generates awesome recommendations for you, be it users to follow or books to read. Never miss content not worth missing!

What is HypeBunch? Understanding the Lingo

A hype bunch is a bunch/team of people that hype you!

Your Hype Bunch (like a Hype Team), are your loyal fans, followers, friends and critics on HypeBunch App!

Hype a Post

Share a post with your hypebunch by 'Hyping' it! If you want someone to share your post, ask them to 'Hype' it!

My Feed

Your home feed contains stuff shared by people you hype, like reviews, media, reading lists, conversations, blog posts, announcements, poll etc.

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Moods last for 24 hours. Choose a perfect image to depict your mood for the day and add it to your profile!

Posts have Conversations!

A post can be an image or video or just text. Each post has multiple conversations in the comment tab. Each conversation has multiple comments!

Getting Started

How it works?

Using HypeBunch is a piece of cake for beginners as well as experts! Here's three things you should do:

Login Account

If you're new to Hypebunch, you should start by creating your account via Hypebunch or website. To create an account, you should know the type of account you wish to create: reader, author or business.

If you are creating a personal account, you should select 'Reader'!

If you are creating account as an Author, you should select 'Author'.

If you are a freelancer or wish to get clients via Hypebunch, you should choose 'Business'.

Don't worry, you can switch account types any time via the app!

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Complete your Profile

Creating an account and logging in to Hypebunch is just the beginning. Here's 5 things you should do once you've logged in for the first time on Hypebunch App.

- Add a profile picture, a cover image and basic details.

- Write an awesome bio description, add answers to advanced 'Get to know Me' questions so that you are visible to the right audience and your followers can know who you are as a person.

- Add books to your Reading Lists. Search books on Hypebunch Library. Whenever you read a chapter or a page, update the progress in the reading list.

- Invite / Follow other authors, readers and creators. Don't forget to invite your friends to join your hype bunch.

Add posts like Before-After, Polls, Announcements or just good old images and videos.

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How to Engage on Hypebunch?

- Increase your hype bunch. Follow more users and invite your friends.

Add posts, announcements with relevant content and hashtags. Engage in conversations, add blogs and join clubs to get a variety of audience.

Add Pageturners, Fan Art, Reviews and more. Remember - Have Fun!

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about mobile apps
Why love this app?

As an author, you can take Book Pages to the next Level

Advanced Reviews

Readers can add more meaning to their reviews by ranking factors such as Storyline, Character Development and Writing on a scale of 1-5, making good books easily searchable via filters.


#ReadBetweenTheLines Check famous pages, events and instances seen through the eyes of the readers and their insights! Both Author and Readers can add and rate Pageturners.


Add Trivia Contests about your book/series for your dedicated readers. Trivia Contests increases visibility of book as well as invites an effort for a second or a third time read.

Rate Book Characters

Add Book Characters to your book page allowing users to rate the characters in terms of their likeability and growth etc.

Fan Art

Users can add Fan Art to your book page. Watch out for stunning Sci-Fi scenes for your book as well as a brilliant sketch of a scene of your Romance Novel.

Video Testimonials

Readers can add video testimonials about a book which not only improves a book's selling potential but also helps a reader to get their word to the author.

Connect with your Favorite Author

Benefits of connecting with an Author on Hypebunch

Instant Access to ARCs, Interactive 1-on-1 Sessions with Authors, Competitions and Contests.

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Curated Contents based on your Interests

Know the story behind the Story.

Catch the latest trends, announcements, books, upcoming books and your favorite author's story on HypeBunch


Amazing interface

We make everything easy, simple and useful.

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