I just reviewed Eleven Graves: The Secret of the Missing Night by 979-8615222153

Self @aman You'll want to pick a side. You'll want to solve the puzzle. You won't be able to resist. But don't. Not yet. Hiding from a mysterious entity for the past 3 years after a near-ap


March 6, 2021
Character Development

Sometimes a long read can attract us in a manner that we tend to keep on reading for hours, that we finally realize it's been too long since we've started reading. Eleven Graves is A long read, with the mystery element kept intact till the end. One thing that is to be mentioned is that the book kept me hooked up from the very beginning, with its ease, wit and all the suspense. The book is in chapters. The characters are given a nice progress. Especially the main characters are given a good amount of importance, that it feels as if we're living in it rather than just read.

Coming to the writing style, the author has the ability to keep the reader hooked up till the end. The language used by the author is simple and easy to understand. The cover is obviously intriguing and is eyecatchy. I promise, if you fall for the cover and pick this book, there's no way you'll regret reading it. The ending is absolutely amazing and worth the read.

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