I just reviewed A Legacy of Storms and Starlight by ‎978-1916354036

Victoria J. Price Zylah Renfall is certain of two things: she will forever be on the run for the murder of a prince, and she somehow used magic to escape her own hanging.



April 20, 2022
Character Development

Zylah ends up on the run to stay alive, but if she carries on running for the rest of her life, will she ever be able to stop? Zylah has to make a choice , join the fight and take down the king to secure her freedom, or carry on running and never seeing her loved ones again and never truly be free. I found that I was hooked by the first couple of pages. But I never actually read the synopsis, I came across the art work and just had to read this book, I have no regrets. The best thing about going into a book without knowing the what it’s about, is that when a book opens with “I didn’t mean for him to die” and not knowing who what how, it makes you want to read. It makes you want to know what In the world is going on.

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