I just reviewed Eleven Graves: The Secret of the Missing Night by 979-8615222153

Self @aman You'll want to pick a side. You'll want to solve the puzzle. You won't be able to resist. But don't. Not yet. Hiding from a mysterious entity for the past 3 years after a near-ap


March 6, 2021
Character Development

Blurb gives away plot lines but that doesn't take away the thrill, only raises interest in readers, once you start reading you just can't keep the book away, one just gets sucked/engrossed into the plot. Plot revolves around Vik /Jay trying to avenge the murder of his family. So who is Vik, about murder of family: what really happened and how it happened, how he finds people responsible/ truth, his plans, actions and efforts to unravel the mystery, who are bad guys and what do they want etc. find answers to before and more by grabbing a copy of book. Author's narration style is great, evenly paced, language is easy only demerit I feel is plot is quite lengthy. Enjoyed reading the plot and definitely look forward to read the next book. Would recommend to all fiction lovers.

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