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Self @aman You'll want to pick a side. You'll want to solve the puzzle. You won't be able to resist. But don't. Not yet. Hiding from a mysterious entity for the past 3 years after a near-ap


March 6, 2021
Character Development

This was an excellent read that kept me on my toes from the first page to the last. I am not much of a sleuth, so as I read the book I kept thinking, “don’t trust him” or “don’t trust her.”. The ending was a surprise to me although I’m sure there are those who will say it was obvious from the beginning. It never is to me, so I always wonder about those kinds of statements. The past and present of Vik / Jay, have been beautifully executed. They are some elements that aren’t clear to me, and I’m certain that they would be covered in the next book in the series. Eleven Graves, you have my attention. Kudos to the author, Aman Gupta!

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